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Upcycled Space Heater Fan Lamp

$249.00 / Sold Out

This was, in a previous life, a space heater with a built in fan. I've removed all of the interior components and have repurposed the case into a truly one of a kind lamp. It is pictured with 2 30 watt Marconi style Edison Bulbs, but would look great with just about any bulbs you choose. It has been completely rewired with an antique reproduction cloth covered twisted wire cord, in-line switch, and a reproduction button style plug. Because both the front and back are open, it casts a warm glow in both directions, providing some task lighting and also backlighting the wall.

This one of a kind lamp measures 14" tall and the reflector is about 11" in diameter. As with all of my lamps, the bulbs are included. The cord is about 5' long and has an in-line switch.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always available and happy to discuss custom orders or just chat about what I'm working on next.